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Website review
Here's what Aggie Tsirikas of Just Erotic Romance Reviews said about my website:
Rating:  4.5 Stars!

The home of Bridget Midway is bold, bright and sassy, just like its author. When you first enter this lively
home you’re greeted by lovely shades of reds and pinks that blend beautifully together with a great
overall background design that complements Ms. Midway’s books.

Here you’ll find interesting information and the latest news about this author, who manages to sound
exuberant from the inanimate pages of her website. You can learn a little more about Ms. Midway
through several of the interviews she has posted. She also has a comprehensive list of links for readers
to look at from her publishers, her favorite authors and some other sites that “curl my toes”. What I really
appreciate is the link to contact Ms. Midway through email. It’s always appreciated when an author allows
themselves to be accessible to their readers. All the current books can be viewed, including excerpts
from her books and short stories. The best part is that all books link back to the publisher for ease of
purchase. This website looks up to date, with fully functional buttons.

A major portion of Ms. Midway’s site is devoted to one of her upcoming full-length works called
Fascination Street. She’s created an on-line community including the characters’ own blog and their own
forum for which readers are encouraged to interact. A lot of thought has gone into this with character
profiles and backgrounds, their homes, the upcoming stories as well as being able to look at the behind-
the-scenes of what is proving to be a fascinating series. I found myself spending time on the Fascination
Street blog getting to know these characters.

Ms. Midway’s cyber home has been designed with much care and attention to detail with a color scheme
truly pulling you in from your first visit. It is easy to navigate, functional for visitors and packed with a lot
of detail where you can happily spend your time. I highly recommend this fun website to visit, and I’ve
already saved it as a favorite.

Aggie Tsirikas
Just Erotic Romance Reviews