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Photo Album
Smile pretty for the camera!
Romantic Times Book Signing
Me at my very first book signing at the
Romantic Times convention in St. Louis, MO:
"Let's see. Pen, check. Standee of my book
cover, check. Cheesy grin, big check!"
Me, Laura Bacchi and Leigh Ellwood at our "Three
The Hard Way" booksigning at The Pink Banana
Boutique! Thanks to Phyllis from Romance Junkies
for taking this picture and for buying our books!
3 The Hard Way Book Signing Event
Me and my buddy, Gerald.
Me and Mr. Happy floating over my head.
Here's the marquee from our first signing. A
very proud moment!
The front of The Pink Banana Boutique.
Inside the Dungeon!
Dama's chair. Need I say more?
One cross. Amen!
Second cross and overhead bar attached to
a hydraulic case you need a little
Would you like to swing on a star? Carry
moonbeams home in a jar!
Hmm, I kinda like the soft, furry one myself!
A real OB/GYN examination table.  Now just
lay back and relax. It'll all be over in a minute.
Oh by the way. Those are canes sitting on
top of the table.
Me and vampire huntress author, L.A. Banks.
Talk about being in heaven!
Me, Madeleine Oh, Trixie Stilletto and Robin
Slick at the Hospitality Suite.
You knew I couldn't go to St. Louis and leave
without getting a picture of this famous landmark!
In The Pink Book Signing
Phaze author Laura Bacchi, reader and
fan Cinquetta Allen and me.  Thanks for
the picture, Cinquetta!
Phaze author Laura Bacchi and me!  
Phaze author Petula Caesar, reader Cinquetta
Allen, Phaze author Jayelle Drewry and seated
Phaze author Robin Slick.
This is the iron used to brand a submissive
recently.  V for Vow.