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All About Fascination Street
Welcome to the neighborhood!  Take off your---shoes and get comfortable!
Welcome to Fascination Street where nothing is as it seems...or
maybe it is.  I "borrowed" the title
Fascination Street from a song by
the 1980's group, The Cure.  The inspiration for
Fascination Street
actually came from a "call to authors" ad I saw on Erotica Readers
and Writers Association a while back.  The submission request asked
for suburban erotica like "Desperate Housewives".  At the time, I didn't
have a TV so I had no idea what that show was about.  But I knew
how erotic suburban living can be. Yes, I said living in the suburbs
can be erotic.  How many times have you wondered what really goes
on behind your neighbor's closed door?  Wouldn't it be great to finally
get a peek? That's what I offer readers in this book.

Check out this site.  You'll meet the residents of Fascination Street,
see their homes, read what they're thinking and you can ask the
residents questions!  You don't get that from "Desperate Housewives"!
You'll also get to read exclusive excerpts from
and from the 4 prequels in this series, which I'm calling "The
Cure for the Common Erotica" series.  Here are the titles for the other
and FRIDAY, I'M IN LOVE.  Can anyone guess why I would call the
series "The CURE for the Common Erotica"? Maybe I should make
that into a contest. Hmmm.

So sit back, relax and get to know the four couples living on the
happiest street on the planet.  Well, that's it from me, the author.  The
rest of this site will be done by the residents of Fascination Street. I
hope they behave!

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Stay sexy!
Bridget Midway